Digital Resources

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Learning doesn't stop outside of the classroom! In this collection of digital resources, you'll find study tricks, learning tips, and even some personal motivation techniques.

Take some time to explore and see what you can discover about yourself as a learner.

Study Strategies

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Study smarter, not harder! These tips are scientifically proven to help you have a more efficient and effective study session. 



How to Take Notes in Class

Are you getting the most out of your class notes? Try out these 5 popular note-taking strategies to see what works for you.



Prep for Exams Effectively

Being prepared by following these tips will make studying much less stressful when exam time rolls around.

Learning Techniques

Discover Your Learning Style

Do you know what type of learner you are? Find out more about the different learning styles and see which one best matches your personality.



Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

What kind of mindset do you have? Learn about how adopting a growth mindset can help you achieve your goals.



Improving Your Memory

Need help retaining loads of new information into your brain? Try these memory boosting tips next time you're cramming for an exam.


Motivation Boosters

The Science of Motivation

Are you lacking motivation in your daily life? Learn about the science behind why this happens and what you can do to get back on track.



A+ Student Mentality

Getting into the right mindset will help you stay motivated, disciplined, and guide you on the path towards personal and professional success.



Michelle Obama's Advice to Students

Listen to the former First Lady as she talks about the skills necessary to succeed in life and why it's important to never give up on your goals.

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