CARE Team Referral Form

The CARE (Crisis Aversion and Response Evaluation) Team is comprised of university staff and faculty members. This group meets once a week to share and coordinate information relative to the behavior of any student who appears to pose a risk of harm to self or others and to develop strategies as necessary for early intervention in accordance with existing university policies.

Students, faculty, staff, or any other member of the Wildcat community are encouraged to notify the CARE Team when they are concerned about a student. The CARE Team will review the information and identify the most appropriate course of action and resources to best help the student of concern.

Please be advised that if there is an imminent threat to a person’s safety or if there is an emergency in progress, contact JWU Campus Safety & Security immediately.


Make a Private Report


When to Make a Report

Is someone you know ...

  • experiencing a decline in work or academic performance?
  • demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior?
  • showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight?
  • having problems at home, with classes or work?
  • making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers?
  • sad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • isolating themselves socially?
  • acting paranoid or suspicious?
  • frequently angry or easily frustrated?
  • struggling with health problems?

These behaviors, especially when more than one is present, may be signs that someone is in distress. JWU has many resources available to help students, faculty and staff; your private report can help make a difference for that person.