Johnson & Wales University is Changing the Way the World Eats®
There’s a lot more to eating healthy than most people realize.

You need to know what to eat, when to eat it, how to prepare it and understand why it’s good for you. To better guide consumers through the maze of fact and fiction, and to emphasize its role as a leading food authority, JWU has launched an initiative with the theme “Johnson & Wales University is Changing the Way the World Eats®.” Now, you too can be part of this movement.

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Featured Blog: The Sustainable Chef in Industry

Chef Branden Lewis reports on JWU graduates who are championing sustainable practices in their restaurants in this blog.


Meet Our Educators

Learn how our JWU educators are changing the way the world eats in the classroom.


Looking for a healthy twist on a classic dish or something you haven't tried before? Find what you're looking for in our library of recipes.

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