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Baking & Pastry Arts - All Campuses

Choose any campus and come explore careers in the baking and pastry industry at the university’s International Baking & Pastry Institute. In this hands-on laboratory class, you will learn to produce pastries and plated desserts at the direction of our world-class pastry chefs.

Culinary Arts - All Campuses

Interested in a career in the culinary industry? Come explore our culinary programs with connections in health, wellness, food science and food production. As a globally-recognized culinary educator, we will teach you the craft and art of cooking alongside our renowned chefs.


Hospitality - Providence only

Come to Providence to explore careers in one of the world’s fastest growing industries by participating in this sampler program. Discover the many types of careers in hospitality and learn from our faculty what it takes to manage a tropical resort or five-star restaurant, coordinate concierge service at a high-end hotel, or manage a major sports arena, entertainment complex and more.

*Program offerings vary by campus.