55 Shipyard Electric Project

During the summer of 2017 the Energy Conservation Committee identified that there was a much higher than expected cost at the Wildcat Wheels building. We did audits of the building and found that one of the highest projected usages was the 68-458 Watt metal halide lights in the warehouse area.

We came up with a plan and worked with National Grid to get new lights installed that would reduce this to 160 Watts per fixture.

These new fixtures also had motion sensors installed on them so that each fixture only turns on when there is someone in the space. Before these sensors were installed, the lights were sometimes on all of the time.

Since these fixtures were finished being installed on November 22 we have seen significant kWh use reductions resulting in a reduction in cost.

 MONTH  2017  2018  REDUCTION*
 Jan.  19,500  12,000  7,500 kWh: $1,050
 Feb.  18,000  10,500  7,500 kWh: $1,050

* (X $0.14/kWh =)