% Reduction in electricity usage
New Focus

Our mission was to achieve an annual 20% + reduction in energy usage compared to our base year while continuing to ensure and maintain the comfort and utility for all occupants. We have since achieved this goal for electricity usage and changed it to be 25% annual reductionWe have also refocused over this year to be doing more sustainability as a whole. We are working to:

  • Reduce our campus use in trash waste
  • Increase recycling and diversion methods
  • Identify ways to help the university reduce costs or increase revenue through sustainable practices on campus

Usage Results & Analysis


Light Fixtures at 55 Shipyard

Before new fixtures with motion sensors sensors were installed, the lights were sometimes on all the time. Read more


Desk Lamps

As staff members use newly distributed desk lamps and motion sensor power strips, we will see significant savings. Read more


LED Bulbs

Changing 17,000 bulbs from 32-Watt fluorescent to 14-Watt LED equates to an annual projected savings of $250,185.60. Read more