LED Bulbs Electric Project

Throughout 2017 we changed out almost 17,000 bulbs from 32-Watt fluorescent to 14-Watt LED. These bulbs were estimated to be running an average of 16 hours per day depending on the area where they were installed.

The labor for installing these bulbs was done in-house when we had the general maintenance personnel had the time to do it. We were able to get the bulbs for $1.14 each, total cost of around $20,000.

17000 bulbs, 16 hours/day, 365 days/year:

 Wattage  32  14
 Watt hours  3,176,960,000   1,389,920,000
 kWh  3,176,960  1,389,920
 Annual Cost
 (X $0.14/kWh)
 $444,774.40  $194,588.80

 This equates to an annual projected savings of $250,185.60 campus wide.