Fran Ridolfo

  • Central Massachusetts
  • South Shore Massachusetts


My College Memory

My most memorable college experience is being part of National Student Organizations, specifically Collegiate DECA. I was the first one to go to college in my family. My mom wanted me to attend a state school in Connecticut, but JWU offered me a scholarship based upon my activities in high school DECA and I couldn’t refuse. As a freshman, I was homesick and worried about not fitting in. As fate would have it, I decided to sign up for a regional DECA competition in Pennsylvania. Not knowing anyone, I was very nervous getting on the bus for that long ride to PA. The day I stepped on the bus, I met my lifelong circle of friends. DECA provided me with leadership, job and travel opportunities that most students never get to experience, but most importantly it connected me with friends that are now part of my family.


Rachel McCarthy

  • Metro Boston
  • Northeastern Massachusetts


My College Memory

While I have many great college memories, I will share the two that had the most impact on who I am today. The first was choosing to room with someone I did not know. My first year roommate and I lived together for three years and have stayed friends since graduation. She is not someone I would have met on campus, but our differences created an atmosphere that allowed us to challenge each other to see things from a different perspective and ultimately grow as individuals. The second memory is my study abroad experience. Living in a country, not just visiting as a tourist, allowed me to meet locals who helped me experience the culture, the food and gain an appreciation for how much there is to learn by stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.


Barbara DiSaia

  • Rhode Island
  • Southern Massachusetts


My College Memory

One of my most memorable experiences as a student at Johnson & Wales University was being part of DECA/DEX, a National Student Organization. DEX/Delta Epsilon Chi provided me the opportunity to meet other new students and to travel around the country representing the university in seminars and leadership conferences.

This opportunity also helped build my interview and communication skills and enabled me to use what I learned in my classes at JWU. I learned that I like to work with people and being a part of DEX brought me to my career as an Admissions Representative for the university.

I am proud to be both a JWU graduate and a representative of the university.