Welcome to jwuLink!

The jwuLink web portal — link.jwu.edu — is JWU’s central hub where you connect to JWU systems, virtual communities, info, updates, and other JWU students, alumni, faculty, staff. You have personalized activity feeds & notifications based on your user type, group memberships, and personal preference settings. Key portal features are highlighted below!


  • Use the Search bar to quickly & easily find systems, links, announcements, files, groups, people, and more. 

Global Menu

  • Activity: Your personalized feed of announcements, events, group activities, and tasks that are relevant to you.
  • Dashboard: Shows you relevant widgets that provide summary info from various JWU systems.
  • Tasks: Reminders for completing important & critical university requirements.
  • Announcements: Provide important news & information. They appear in your Activity and Dashboard feeds as well.
  • Discover: Find groups or events to join, and users to connect with.
  • Events: Find & join events — this is a great way to gain experience, share ideas, build connections or have fun. 


  • Manage these however you like. For Tools, Groups, and Pages that you use or like most, you can add them to your Shortcuts menu by clicking on their corresponding star icons. 


  • These are 1-click links to the systems & websites we use most. Some are already in your menu - others are optional and can be added using corresponding star icons. 


  • Groups are a great place to collaborate, share info & announcements, ask questions, provide resources, have discussions, and promote events. Users automatically get added to some groups; others they need to join. They can be public or private. 


  • Pages function like web pages & provide helpful information and links. The info on pages is also accessible via Search. Some pages are public and can be visited even without a login. Likes Tools, some are already in your menu while others are optional. 

Notifications & Profile Menu 

  • Notifications: Users receive notifications in the bell icon and control how they would like to receive them. Notifications pertain to activities involving Comments, Likes, Mentions; Messages (chat privately with other Users), Groups, Events, Connections, Pages, and Tools.
  • View Profile: Edit your user profile information, such as profile picture & any additional information you'd like to share with other users in the portal.
  • My Connections: View your current connections, requests, and suggestions.
  • Account Settings: Edit General, Privacy, and Notification settings.