Cynthia Ferron, CEPC

Associate Professor  |  Culinary Nutrition  |  International Baking & Pastry Institute
College of Food Innovation & Technology
Providence Campus



Cynthia Ferron is one of the first pastry chefs in the US to hold a bachelor's degree in Culinary Nutrition. With an expertise working with dietary restrictions, she exemplifies how Johnson & Wales is Changing the Way the World Eats through the Light and Healthy Desserts course. She teaches students how to focus on substituting low fat items for high fat while retaining the dessert's quality, quantity, variety and visual appeal. Ferron is a faculty advisor to the Sans Gluten Club, a student organization committed to creating awareness and teaching others to cook and bake gluten-free. With Ferron, you can have your cake, and eat it, too.

M.Ed., Johnson & Wales University
B.S., Culinary Nutrition, Johnson & Wales University
A.S., Culinary Arts, Schoolcraft College


  • baking and pastry; health and wellness; healthy desserts; low-fat desserts

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