Food Safety

Areas of expertisefood safety; food safety modernization act; HACCP; integrated pest management; preventive controls qualified individual; public health; regulatory compliance and enforcement


Information Security

Areas of expertise: compliance and enforcement; computer crimes; cybersecurity; information security; investigations; identity fraud

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03.2019 - Chef Matt Britt, CEC, an instructor in the College of Culinary Arts, offers insight as to why desserts are such an integral part of diner fare in "America's favorite diner desserts," Food Network Magazine.

02.21.19 - Karen Silva, EdD, department chair, Graduate Business Programs, offered her perspective on why areas of specialization are critical to choosing a program and career in nonprofit management for US News & World Report.

02.15.19 - In an interview with NerdWallet, Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business, said Presidents Day offers consumers their first opportunity to take advantage discounts for various products available at retailers. Read more.

02.14.19 - The Korean beauty industry continues to grow in popularity. Kristen Regine, professor in the College of Business, sat down with NBC 10 Consumer Advocate Emily Volz to explain why the products are popular and how consumers can make informed purchasing choices. Watch now.

02.13.19 - Kristen Regine discussed why retailers are considering going cashless in store with the Gotham Gazette. Read more.

02.12.19 - In an interview with NBC 10 Consumer Advocate Emily Volz, Kristen Regine reviewed data published by the National Retail Federation indicating that despite fewer consumers celebrating Valentine's Day, sales are expected to reach a record $20.7 billion in 2019. Watch now

02.11.19 - Tim Howes, professor in the College of Business, was interviewed by the Providence Journal about the future of convenience stores, and how companies are adjusting business models to compete with e-commerce. Read more.

01.31.19 - Oscar Chilabato, associate professor in the College of Business, discussed the changing advertising landscpae and what viewers can expect in this year's Super Bowl commercials with ABC 6. Watch now.

01.30.19 - Elizabeth Covino, associate professor, College of Hospitality Management, weighs in on the renewed observations of the 2017 Fyre Festival's mishaps. Read the perspectives of event management experts on the International Live Events Association (ILEA) website.

01.29.19 - In an interview with WPRI 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell, Nicholas Tella, director of information security and adjunct professor in the College of Engineering & Design, discussed a FaceTime glitch allowing users to eavesdrop on Apple iPhone and Mac devices. Watch now.

01.17.19 - Katie Davin, CHSE, associate professor, College of Hospitality Management, summarizes the value that all levels of sales brings to the industry despite the easy access of online booking platforms and rate information. Read: Do we still need salespeople."