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04.01.20 - The current shortage of essential ingredients used in home baking is an opportunity to get creative with options, according to JWU Institute of Baking & Pastry Arts Assistant Professor and Chef Jaime Schick '07, '19 M.Ed. She shared some innovative ideas from a depression-era mayo cake to fruit crisps and her Monster Cookies on Bruce Newbury's Talk of the Town.

04.01.20 - In an interview with ABC 6 reporter Amanda Pitts, Diane Santurri, associate professor in the College of Engineering & Design, discussed the FBI warning on Zoom-Bombing and shared tips on how to stay safe during Zoom sessions. Watch now.

03.31.20 - With millions of employees working at home and students learning remotely, hackers are targeting digital conference calls. Diane Santurri spoke with NBC 10 reporter Ashley Cullinane about the benefits of this technology and how users can protect themselves. Watch now.

03.27.20 - Associate Professor and Chef Jonathan Poyourow '03, RD, LD, CSCS, associate professor, College of Culinary Arts, offered nutritious tips on healthy eating for children and adults amidst grocery store inventory shortages and less dining out choices. Listen to Bruce Newbury's Talk of the Town.

03.26.20 - Elizabeth Panciera '09, '11, CHE, assistant professor, College of Hospitality Management, discussed how the sports and entertainment industries are adapting daily to Covid-19 fallout on Bruce Newbury's Talk of the Town.

03.25.20 - Brian Warrener, CHE, associate professor, College of Hospitality Management, addressed how restaurant are can adapt to the COVID-19 crisis on Bruce Newbury's Talk of the Town.

03.24.20 - The American restaurant scene has yet to undergo the full impact of the coronavirus. Matthew Britt, '19 M.Ed., CEC , assistant professor and chef, joined New England's Food Dude, Bruce Newbury to explore how we can endure the challenges. Comfort food: a frozen 20-pound turkey in every fridge. Listen at about 36 min into show. 

03.20.20 - #1 on Parade Magazine's list of ways to stay social during the coronavirus pandemic is advice from Heather Cosimini, associate professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences: "Stay in contact. Continue to connect with friends and loved ones by text, email and phone." Read more.

03.20.20 - Chef T.J. Delle Donne '04, '07, assistant dean of culinary relations & special projects, discussed the impact COVID-19 is having on the food scene, offered a few easy to prepare recipes, and helped to reduce the anxiety of the listeners of Bruce Newbury's Talk of the Town. He comes in at 1:40. Listen.

03.16.20 - NBC 10's Tamara Sacharczyk interviewed Heather Cosimini about the psychology behind hoarding supplies. Watch now.

03.13.20 - "We don't like uncertainty, the markets don't like uncertainty, and we're continuing to see that,” Tim Howes, associate professor of finance in the College of Business, said in an interview with NBC 10. Watch now.

03.01.20 - Bridget Sweet, JWU executive director of Food Safety, dispels the public's recent misperceptions about COVID-19 in "Chinese restaurants feel the pain of the coronavirus pandemic." Read the article in the March's FSR Magazine.

03.01. 20 - Returning customers are the lifeblood of any restaurant. Associate Professor Nicholas Makris, '94, '98 MBA, CHE, offers insightful tips to keep them coming back in "Returning customers: Go where everybody knows your name," in the March issue of Pizza Today.