Food Safety

Areas of expertisefood safety; food safety modernization act; HACCP; integrated pest management; preventive controls qualified individual; public health; regulatory compliance and enforcement


Information Security

Areas of expertise: compliance and enforcement; computer crimes; cybersecurity; information security; investigations; identity fraud

JWU EXPERT: Nicholas Tella

JWU in the News

10.18.19 - In an interview with Providence Business NewsRoger Achille, professor in the College of Business, discussed the dangers of workplace burnout for employees and how they can address and prevent it. Achille also reviewed measures companies can take to ensure their employees do not suffer from burnout. Read more.

10.2019 - Rhode Islanders' attachment to their local businesses is one reason the state's diner scene thrives, according to College of Hospitality Management Associate Professor Doug Stuchel. Read Classic Comforts in Hey Rhody (page 78).

10.12.19 - In an interview with The Providence Journal, Kevin DeJesus, assistant professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, discussed the conflict in Syria and shared his experiences traveling to places like Iraqi Kurdistan, Gaza and Lebanon. Read more.

10.11.19 - In her column on, Mari Dias, professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, shared the importance of self-care through the story of a family who suffered loss. Read more.

10.2019 - Bonchon, the full-service brand that began in Korea and has gone global, is showing signs of becoming a formidable competitor to its fast-food rivals. Michael Sabitoni, CHE, chairperson, College of Hospitality Management, offers key reasons for its growth in FSR Magazine's article, Bonchon’s rapid rise to fried-chicken stardom.

09.30.10 - Worcester's restaurant scene may have improved, but it still fights for talented chefs and industry respect. College of Culinary Arts Assistant Dean TJ Delle Donne notes that food media looking for the next culinary destination could help. Read the article in the Worcester Business Journal.

09.26.19 - The medieval concept of a reward system – tipping – has evolved to today's iPad point of sale systems. Professor Paul Bagdan refers to this as "guilt tipping" in BNN Bloomberg's "Should you tip your Uber driver? A new guide to tipping in the gig economy."