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Information Security

Areas of expertise: compliance and enforcement; computer crimes; cybersecurity; information security; investigations; identity fraud

JWU EXPERT: Nicholas Tella

JWU in the News

08.16.19 - Amy Wagenfeld, associate professor of Occupational Therapy in the College of Health & Wellness, says a sense of isolation can be nearly as detrimental as a lack of physical activity for people with injuries and diseases. Read more in Providence Business News.

08.09.19 - In an interview with Providence Business News, Kristen Regine, professor in the College of Business, discussed the evolution of Providence Place Mall and trends in the retail industry that indicate what the future may hold for shopping malls across the country. Read now.

07.31.19 - After DoorDash changed a controversial tipping policy, people had questions about when to tip their delivery workers. College of Hospitality Management Professor Paul Bagdan, Ph.D., says conventional wisdom is changing on which service workers should be tipped. Read WTOP radio's companion blog.

07.31.19 - KOMONews Consumer Report Herb Weisbaum sought the advice of Todd Seyfarth, RD, CSSD, associate professor and department chair, Nutrition and Applied Dietetics tips for making a tastier, juicier and healthier hamburger. Read the companion blog.

07.23.19 - With the rise of kimchi, kombucha, DIY fermentation, homemade pickles, and everything probiotic, Michael Makuch, associate professor and director JWU's Ecolab Center for Culinary Science, eliminates some of the confusion. Read Chowhound.

07.23.19 - In an article published by the Washington Post, Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business, offered tips on what to buy (and not to buy) when shopping at dollar stores. Read now.

07.18.19 - FaceApp, a popular new app designed to age photos of users, is sparking security concerns due to the irrevocable permissions granted to the company by the user terms and conditions. Nicholas Tella, director of information security and adjunct professor in the College of Engineering & Design discussed these concerns and the recourse available to users with WPRI 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell. Watch now.

07.17.19 - With a rising number of tech-savvy tipping tools, there's growing complexity and confusion associated with the tradition. College of Hospitality Management professors Paul Bagdan and Brian Warrener explain when to tip or not, how much, to whom and why. Read Tipping Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide to Tipping in US News & World Report.

07.11.19 - Todd Seyfarth RD, CSSD, associate professor and department chair, Nutrition and Applied Dietetics, knows that simple, yet flavorful alternatives can make that burger on a grill a healthier option. Read Consumer Reports.