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JWU in the News

07.06.20 - Stop & Shop has decided to end hazard pay for its front line workers, a decision that has come under scrutiny. In an interview with NBC 10 I-Team reporter Katie Davis, Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business, explained how companies such as Stop & Shop are making decisions to pay workers hazard pay or not. Read more.

07.03.20 - The pandemic has turned up heat on R.I. caterers. Countless catering jobs and corporate events have been cancelled. Elizabeth Covino, CHE, associate professor, College of Hospitality Management says caterers now need to be both safe and creative. Read more in the Providence Business News. (paywall)

06.30.20 - Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business, shared her thoughts with Reader's Digest for a list of 12 things you shouldn't do when visiting a reopened retail store. Read more.

06.29.20 - Diane McCrohan spoke with NBC 10 I-Team reporter Parker Gavigan about Ann & Hope's decision to close its stores by the end of the summer, and what this decision means for other local retailers in Southern New England. Watch now.

06.25.20 -  Assistant Dean of Culinary Relations & Special Projects TJ Delle Donne '04, '07, CEC and JWU chefs and students are working with the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) to improve the marketability of the an underutilized species that is plentiful in Rhode Island. Read ecoRInews, Scup project works to bring little fish to the masses.

06.23.20 - Kevin DeJesus, associate professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, discussed the Caesar Act and how expects it will impact Syria and its population with Arab News reporter Anan Tello. Read now.

06.22.20 - In a recent Reader's Digest story, Bridget Sweet, REHS/RS, CP-FS, executive director of food safety, College of Food Innovation & Technology, recommends restaurant guests respect and follow an establishment's COVID-19 guidelines. See 13 things you shouldn’t do at reopened restaurants."

06.21.20 - Bryan Lavin, '11 MBA, CHE, says tourism officials in Connecticut should be focusing on building up conference activity and other travel bookings for 2021. View "Priming the pump: CT to spend $1.2 million to relaunch tourism economy." (Paywall).

06.17.20 - Nicholas Tella, director of information security and adjunct professor in the College of Engineering & Design tells NBC 10 and WPRI 12 that the Care New England computer system failure is likely due to ransomware. Watch the interviews with NBC 10 reporter Lynzi DeLuccia and WPRI 12 reporter Logan Wilber.

06.15.20 - Stacey Kite, professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, is quoted in a CNN article exploring how the shift to online learning has diminished the cases of bullying seen during the school year. "Children who did not want to go to school because they were bullied are now flourishing with online learning," she says. Read more.

06.15.20 - In an interview with CBS 5 Arizona's Susan Campbell, Kristen Regine, professor in the College of Business, said curbside pickup is here to stay and store closures will continue as a result of COVID-19. Watch now.

06.02.20 - As businesses return after shuttering due to the pandemic, Professor Paul Bagdan, College of Hospitality Management, suggests, if appropriate, that consumers double their normal tip their first time back to compensate for all the tips and revenue lost. Read