Stacy Mirabello '05, CEPC

Associate Instructor | International Baking & Pastry Institute | College of Culinary Arts
Providence Campus


Stacy Mirabello brings a modern perspective to her focus on seasonal and fresh produce, fruits, whole grains, and artisan products. Her passion for health and wellness has driven her to develop and reimagine curriculum for classes in sustainability, advanced patisserie, and light and healthy desserts. Her keen awareness of farm-to-table encompasses an array of foods beyond dessert.

Mirabello, a Boston native, established her career with acclaimed restaurants in the American Northeast and Europe, including The Spiced Pear at the Chanler, Newport, R.I., and The Capital Grille. In England, she worked alongside the esteemed Chef Michel Roux at The Waterside Inn. Her classic training and signature sweet and savory craft is the foundation of her trendy and progressive style, combined with an undeviating respect for the environment and nutrition. She is a regular presenter at the annual Tastes of the World Chef’s Culinary Conference, conducting workshops on fat and sugar substitutes and I the pastry chef for The Flavor Experience, hosted by Flavor and the Menu magazine.

M.L.A., Gastronomy, Boston University
B.S. Food Service Entrepreneurship, Johnson & Wales University
A.S. Baking & Pastry Arts, Johnson & Wales University


  • farm-to-table desserts; seasonal desserts; whole grain baking and pastry goods; dietary restrictions