The Department of Residential Life strives to create residential environments that are conducive to living and learning. To this end, our Living and Learning Communities have been created to help residents better bridge the gap between academics and campus living. The faculty/staff who are part of these communities are dedicated to facilitating events that meet the interests and academic demands of the residents. Research shows that those who participate in Living & Learning Communities have better grades and retention rates as these students are more connected to their fellow residents and the community around them.

2023-2024 LLCs

JWU Charlotte houses the following Living & Learning Communities:

  • Business - Our programs are designed to enhance your education by supporting your physical and emotional well-being with an array of resources designed to foster personal and creative development, a sense of community, and opportunities to help you succeed.
  • CFIT - Reserved for first-year College of Food Innovation and Technology, this community offers opportunities for peer study sessions, faculty involvement, and mentorship by an upperclassman resident assistant (RA) from the College of Food Innovation and Technology. Residents will be involved in a shared academic experience and have the opportunity to attend several industries and social events hosted by faculty members throughout the year. Requirements include attending LLC activities and community outreach projects.
  • Holistic HealthThe Holistic Health Learning Community is designed for Health Science, Public Health, and Psychology majors that wish to combine rigorous academics with a healthy lifestyle. Students can attend workshops, seminars, and recreational field trips offered by faculty and staff. Topics range from study skills and tutoring to yoga, meditation, stress-busting, and relationships. Field trips may include hiking, 5K races, excursions to Changing Hearts Farm, and more. Students also get an opportunity to interact with faculty and staff outside the classroom. To live within this community, students must be enrolled in the College of Health and Wellness or majoring in Psychology.
  • Hospitality - The Hospitality Learning Community is designed for hospitality majors who wish to enhance their experience at JWU by participating in this academically focused residential community. Students in the hospitality-sponsored learning community will have the opportunity to participate in programming focused on their major and will have the opportunity to interact with staff and faculty outside of the classroom. Students must be currently enrolled in the Hospitality College to live within this community. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing programs presented by faculty and floor residents.

Space is limited. Students will indicate on their housing application if they are interested in living in the LLC community and must self-select to be a part of the community.  If you have any questions, you may contact our office.

LLC Learning Outcomes

1.  Experience a purposeful immersion in the theme of the LLC and be exposed to integrative learning.

This is accomplished through:
• Theme-based programming in the community environment;
• Participating in faculty and student-led programming;
• Shared academic/interest experiences among the students in the LLCs.

2.  Build relationships with fellow students in their LLC.

This is accomplished through:
• Living in the themed-based community residence hall, often on the same floor;
• Attending community gatherings;
• Organizing out-of-class gatherings, such as study sessions or developing LLC workshops unique to each community.

3.  Build relationships with faculty partners in their LLC.

This is accomplished through:
• Attending faculty-led programming;
• Spending time with faculty during community gatherings;
• Connecting with faculty who share common interests in the community space.

4.  Successfully transition to the JWU Charlotte community.

This is accomplished through:
• Intentional programming early in the year and continues throughout;
• Relationship building among fellow LLC participants and faculty/staff associated with the LLC;
• Connecting with a community of like-minded students and faculty who share common interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LLC?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect first-year students' inside- and outside-the-classroom experiences. Each LLC is unique but is centered on an academic interest area. Students who choose to live in an LLC directly connect to their classroom experience, access to intentional events and programs, and dedicated faculty members who work to make the community a success.

Students will be part of a close-knit community that supports academic success, cultivates safe and supportive environments, encourages personal growth, fosters social responsibility, and develops leaders here at JWU Charlotte and beyond.

All students are welcome to live in a Living Learning Community regardless of identity or background. All you need is a passion for making your community a successful and enjoyable experience!

Why students should live in an LLC?

LLCs are ideal for making friends with peers who have similar academic interests. Research shows that students who participate in an LLC have higher academic success rates, higher college graduation rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, and an easier time connecting with their peers.

How much does an LLC cost? Are there additional requirements?

There is no additional cost for a Living Learning Community. However, students living in LLCs will be required to attend outside-of-the-classroom activities, including but not limited to campus events, workshops, study sessions, and meetings with faculty.