Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is here to support you on your academic journey here at JWU Providence. Our services include subject tutoring, writing support, supplemental instructions, & success coaching which are available to you at no additional cost.

Office Locations

Downcity: 1st Floor Yena Center @ 95 Dorrance St

Harborside: 1st Floor Friedman Center @ 315 Harborside Blvd



Schedule an Appointment

To ensure every student has equitable access to our resources and to enhance the effectiveness of our support, please be mindful of your responsibility to commit to your scheduled appointments with the Academic Success Center (ASC).


Should you have more than three instances of any of the following situations, you will be restricted from scheduling any additional appointments until you meet with an ASC Success Coach to discuss how we can better support your needs:



We understand life can sometimes delay your plans. If you run more than 15 minutes late for a tutoring session, we'll need to reschedule your appointment to ensure tutors can manage their schedules and help others promptly.


No-Show Sessions

Your tutoring sessions are important to us, and we look forward to each opportunity to support your learning journey. If you can't make it to a scheduled session, just let us know in advance. It will be considered a "no-show" if you miss a session without notice. 


Late Cancellation (within 30 minutes of appointment)

Plans change, and we get that. If you need to cancel a session, doing so with at least 30 minutes' notice allows us to offer your slot to another student in need. 



We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines. They are designed with everyone's best interests at heart, ensuring all students can benefit from the center's support. 


Downcity, 1st floor, Yena Center, Mon-Thr 8:30-8pm, Fri 8:30-4pm, Sun 12-8pm
Harborside, 1st floor, Friedman Center, Mon 8:30-4:30pm, Tue 8:30-8pm, Wed 8:30-5:30pm, Thu 8:30-8pm, Fri 8:30-4:30pm, Sun 12-4pm
The ASC Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes
We help students maximize their potential by making success achievable.  
The following goals, student learning outcomes, and assessment methods have been identified for the Academic Success Center:  
  • To guide and assist students in better understanding course subject matter and/or course assignments  
  • To teach students collaborative learning techniques and learning strategies.   
  • To support students through the writing process
  • To help students identify, create, and design a plan to address personal and academic goals  
  • To reinforce growth-mindset concepts  
  • To develop student leaders  
Student Learning Outcomes  Students using the Academic Success Center will:  
  • Demonstrate improved understanding of their course subject matter and/or the assignment  
  • Leave with a plan to revise and/or edit their draft  
  • Identify personal and academic goals   
  • Articulate strategies to reach personal and academic goals 
  • Describe their own growth as learners  
Student Leader Learning Outcomes  Students employed as Student Educators in the Academic Success Center will:  
  • Teach academic concepts to peers 
  • Coach peers in setting and reaching academic and personal goals 
Assessment Methods   
  • ASC Satisfaction Survey  
  • Feedback from professional tutors and success coaches  
  • Feedback from student educators  
  • Feedback from PASS students and faculty  
  • Analysis of PASS data  
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