PASS Program

Peer-Assisted Student Success (PASS) Program 

PASS is a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Modeled program supported by the Academic Success Center. PASS is a peer-led academic assistance program that targets courses that are traditionally high D, F, and W (withdrawal) courses occurring in the first or second year of a student’s college career. Through this program, we offer additional outside-of-classroom support specific to the course’s content. Our PASS Leaders lead and facilitate group study sessions, flexible one – on – one tutoring and continuously share supplemental support materials to assist in a students’ learning of course concepts. This could look like tutorials, worksheets, hand-out’s, walk-throughs, virtual flash cards and practice exams or quizzes through our JWULink PASS Channels 

This academic support model is proven to significantly improve student performance. Research shows that students who attend regularly, or 10 or more sessions throughout the semester statistically earn half to a full letter grade higher than those who do not attend.

What PASS is... 

PASS sessions are offered outside of class times at least twice a week for one hour on a weekly basis. Some of our sessions are pre-planned to follow along with the concepts being taught in the course, where some are specific designated times for students to drop-in and ask any questions pertaining to the course.  

These sessions are facilitated and led by PASS Leaders (undergraduate students who have previously taken and were successful in the course). If you attend a PASS session, you will experience academic support dedicated to assisting you in understanding course content to keep you from falling behind. Our goal is to work collaboratively with students, faculty and our leaders to help you achieve course learning objects and pass! PASS Leaders will show you not only what to learn, but how to learn it. 

What PASS is not...

PASS is not intended as a last-minute study strategy, the courses we cover are intentionally chosen because many students tend to struggle. This is not a substitute for attending class, but as a semester-long supplement to regularly scheduled class activities.

Information for Instructors: PASS in your Class

How to get PASS for your class?

The Academic Success Center assists in targeting high D, F and W courses. This is determined by JWU’s reporting and knowledge on courses that student’s struggle with nationally. With the support from faculty and department chairs we identify strong students who can be PASS Leaders for these courses. If you have a high DFW course in your department reach out to the Academic Success Center to see how we can help. 

What to expect from your PASS Leader?

PASS Leaders focus on the congruence between a student understanding of course content and where the course is. Our PASS Leaders facilitate group study sessions to assist students with a model of “how to learn” and “what to learn.” PASS Leaders will go over concepts incongruent with the course in ways that will develop students’ studying skills with consistency to build foundational studying habits.  

Can you tell me who attends PASS so I can give students extra credit?

Currently, we encourage instructors to incentivize attending PASS sessions or meeting with their PASS Leader utilizing their flex appointment hours that is designated strictly for the students in the PASS course. If you have a PASS course and want to know attendance numbers at any point in the semester reach out to the Program Manager, Emelia M. Orellana via email. 

When and where will PASS sessions be?

PASS sessions for each course will happen at minimum twice a week or more depending on the type of course and if more group sessions match with the type of course vs. one on one/flexible appointments. These sessions will be held within the following timing/location frames: 

Downcity ASC located in the Yena Center or Virtually 

Monday – Thursday: 2-8pm 

Friday: 9am-4pm 

Sunday: 12:30pm-8pm 

Harborside ASC located in Friedman Center: 

Tuesday – Thursday: 12-4pm 

How are PASS Leaders selected? Can I choose my own?

We take the considerations and recommendations of instructor very seriously in our hiring of PASS Leaders. However, we cannot guarantee that a specific student will be assigned to you. Our assignments are dependent upon number of students, their training levels/skills, and availability.  



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