Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is here to support you on your academic journey here at JWU. Our services include subject tutoring, writing support, supplemental instructions, & success coaching which are available to you at no additional cost.


Downcity, 1st floor, Yena Center, Mon-Thr 8:30-8pm, Fri 8:30-4pm, Sun 12-8pm
Harborside, 1st floor, Friedman Center, Mon 8:30-4:30pm, Tue 8:30-8pm, Wed 8:30-5:30pm, Thu 8:30-8pm, Fri 8:30-4:30pm, Sun 12-4pm
The ASC Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes
We help students maximize their potential by making success achievable.  
The following goals, student learning outcomes, and assessment methods have been identified for the Academic Success Center:  
  • To guide and assist students in better understanding course subject matter and/or course assignments  
  • To teach students collaborative learning techniques and learning strategies.   
  • To support students through the writing process
  • To help students identify, create, and design a plan to address personal and academic goals  
  • To reinforce growth-mindset concepts  
  • To develop student leaders  
Student Learning Outcomes  Students using the Academic Success Center will:  
  • Demonstrate improved understanding of their course subject matter and/or the assignment  
  • Leave with a plan to revise and/or edit their draft  
  • Identify personal and academic goals   
  • Articulate strategies to reach personal and academic goals 
  • Describe their own growth as learners  
Student Leader Learning Outcomes  Students employed as Student Educators in the Academic Success Center will:  
  • Teach academic concepts to peers 
  • Coach peers in setting and reaching academic and personal goals 
Assessment Methods   
  • ASC Satisfaction Survey  
  • Feedback from professional tutors and success coaches  
  • Feedback from student educators  
  • Feedback from PASS students and faculty  
  • Analysis of PASS data  
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