Read & Write Gold Software

Get help and support with your reading, writing, and study skills with Read and Write Gold! This software is available on all JWU computers, but may also be downloaded to students’ personal computers and cell phones (for no additional charge) for 24/7 access. Everyone is encouraged to use Read & Write, especially individuals who may

  • benefit from listening to text as they read,
  • benefit from a comprehensive spell checking program,
  • have reading and writing difficulties
  • have learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Check out all the amazing tools!

Study Skills Tools: Users can highlight and extract text from any document or webpage to create study guides and outlines. Users can even collect highlights from multiple sources and gather them into a single document, with bibliography information. These tools facilitate active reading, writing, and learning.

Text to Speech: Reads text aloud with dual color highlighting using natural sounding male and female voices. International voices are also available.

Online Translator: Allows single words, paragraphs, or blocks of text to be translated into multiple languages; works with any digital content.

Phonetic Spell Checker: Analyzes students' spelling and returns suggestions with definitions for common spelling errors. Phonetic spelling and flexible spelling errors, such as typing without vowels, are also identified.

Screenshot Reader: Reads aloud text including text embedded within an image or Flash, locked PDFs, or online applications! The user surrounds, hovers, or draws freehand around the text they are interested in. The text is then read aloud with highlighting and can even be exported directly into a Word document.

Let’s get started!

Watch the 5-Minute Webinar (more resources are below):

How to Download

Download our PowerPoint Intro (PPT)

Download the Quick Reference Menu Key (PDF)