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In a world that’s built on technology, nothing is more important than security. Your small actions make a big difference for your security, both at home and at Johnson & Wales.

 Credit Card Safety - The need of the hour! 

Credit cards have become a powerful financial tool in the present-day environment. They offer expediency, purchasing capabilities and many rewards depending on the card offers. Nevertheless, the extensive use of credit cards has also caused them to become a primary target of financial fraud and unauthorized utilization.  In the following, there exists a several guidelines to enhance the security of your credit cards. 

1. Keep your credit cards physically safe. 

First and foremost, it is vitally important to maintain the physical security of your credit cards. This ensures that they do not come into the procession of unauthorized individuals. Here are a few tips to take to strength the physical security of your credit cards:

  • Use a proper wallet or cardholder: Because of today’s technology, some wallets and cardholders are designed to provide RFID blocking. These can be used to protect your cards against malicious intents including skimming and cloning.
  • Avoid leaving your credit cards in plain sight: Keep them in a secure and hidden location.
  • Avoid taking pictures of your credit card: It is recommended to not take a picture of your credit card unless you have a legitimate reason. In case of a breach on your phone, your credit cards are still safe and secure.

 2. Be vigilant and stay alert when using ATMs and card readers.


When using your credit cards at the ATMs and card readers, you are strongly advised to:

  • Beware of your surroundings: Cover the keypads when entering your PIN numbers. This can protect against shoulder surfing.
  • Try not to use magnetic stripes, instead using near-field card or EMV chip. These are much harder for bad actors to steal your credentials.

 3.Utilizing security features on your banking apps.


  • Immediate Fraud detection: You will be notified immediately when there is a suspicious transaction. The allows you to take necessary actions quickly to resolve the issues and to avoid financial loss.
  • Lock and Unlock cards: In case your credit cards have been compromised, banking apps allow you to lock your credit cards to avoid additional unauthorized transactions.

4.Report lost or stolen credit cards.


  • Notify your bank immediately when you become aware of your card being stolen or lost.
  • Sign in into your banking app and lock your lost or stolen card immediately.
  • Examine your transactions to identify any suspicious activity.


In today’s world we live in, financial transactions are increasingly digital. The above tips act as a defense to secure your financial assets. By following this credit card security measurement, you can confidently protect yourself against nefarious financial motives while enjoying the advantages of your credit cards. For more tips and tricks follow us here @JWUITSecurity



The Office of Information Security Services (ISS) aims to facilitate and further the Mission and Guiding Principles of the University while maximizing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the JWU’s distributed information technology assets, systems, networks, and data.

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