Safety & Security

Annual crime statistics are maintained and available in the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

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Crime & Community Alerts

Any incidents that requires a timely warning to the university community are sent via email and posted to this site, jwuLink, and the Campus Herald.



No Alerts at this time. 



Programs & Services

Take advantage of Campus Safety & Security's services offered to promote the safety and well being of JWU students, faculty, staff and property.

  • All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend
  • Events are free
  • Programs run approximately 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

If you are interested in scheduling a program, please email us.


Alcohol Awareness

Discover the ways that alcohol affects the body. Perform tasks with goggles to show how alcohol affects your perception.

Drug Awareness

Learn about the dangers of drugs and how to avoid being a victim of date rape/club drugs.

Identity Theft

Get tips on what to do if you think someone is using your information falsely.

Laptop Security

Tactics to minimize or prevent the theft of your laptop.

Project ID

Get your valuables engraved with a unique number that is then entered into a database with your information.This service that aids in the recovery of lost or stolen items. Valuables are engraved with a unique number, which is then entered into a database with the owner's information. If you have questions or are interested in this service, email the Crime Prevention Unit, or call 401-598-2947.

Property Protection

Minimize your chances of falling victim to theft by learning about the strategies thieves have historically used. This program complements Project ID.

Residence Hall Security

Learn how to safeguard your valuables in your residence hall. This class also covers general security issues.

Sexual Assault Awareness

Reduce your chances of becoming a victim of sexual assault, and learn about the resources available to you in the event of an assault.

Street Smarts

Take proactive steps to reduce the opportunity for a criminal act to occur with PACT: Plan where you are going, be Alert to your surroundings, walk with Confidence and Trust your instincts.

Travel Safety

Learn how to protect yourself while traveling.



Additional Resources

Access Control Project

Entry to all campus buildings is controlled and monitored by an electronic card swipe access control system.

Lost & Found

  • Lost Items: Held by Campus Safety and Security for 90 days
  • Student IDs: Sent to Student Dining Services
  • University Keys: Sent to the locksmith

Call to arrange pick-up of your items.


Officers are on patrol at each campus at all times. Campus Safety & Security uses foot, bike and vehicle patrols.

Safe Walk: Student Escort

You don’t have to walk alone late at night. Safe Walk runs Sunday-Saturday at the on the Downcity Campus. Call 401-598-1103.

Student Auxiliary

Students supplement the patrol staff by manning the parking lots and checking IDs at various campus locations.

C.A.R.E. Team

A valuable resource on the Providence Campus, the Crisis Aversion and Response Evaluation Team is a group of campus administrators that share and coordinate information about the behavior of students who appear to pose a risk of harm to self or others. The team develops strategies, when needed, for early invention in accordance with existing university policies.




Participation in the following programs results in national certification.


CPR/First Aid              Temporarily Unavailable

Campus Safety & Security offers certification in American Red Cross™ adult CPR, child and infant CPR, AED (automatic external defibrillator) and first aid. Classes are taught by certified staff instructors, and conducted at residence halls and fitness centers or upon request by a sponsoring department or group.

If you’d like more information about classes or scheduling, call 401-598-2947.