Keynote Speakers

Join the 2023 “SEEM Leadership Conference Keynote Address; Motivation, Adaptability and Fortitude” for an extensive look into the bustling SEEM industry and the strategic decisions that industry professionals must make within split seconds

SEEM Professional of the Year Panel

Join the “SEEM Professional of the Year Panel; Industry Truths” and hear from stand-out alumni speak who are at the top of their game. Hear them speak about work-life balance, relationship management, burnout, and the deep secrets and strategy of the industry that no one talks about.

Interactive Lunch

Join us for an interactive lunch, where you can learn how mental wellness and leadership intersect, as the Sports, Entertainment, and Event industries is described as one of the top five most stressful industries. Learn practices that can help manage mental health at work and how your mental wellness can become a key leadership skill. Come listen to Jenn Artura, an award-winning event strategist, experience designer, and industry leader who has held executive-level positions, leading sales, go-to-market strategy, brand experience, and events for brands like AGFA, Merge (an IBM company), Symantec, Veritas Technologies, and Workhuman.

Professional Panel

Join the “Professional Panel; What’s Next?” Hear about what industry professionals think you need in order to be successful in building out your career. Get tips and tricks on how to tackle mental health, critical problems in our industry, and ways to implement meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.