Academic Success Coaching (Charlotte)

Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaching is an advising approach that guides and encourages students to reflect and act on their goals and interests by helping them identify and develop areas related to motivation, skill building, and academic strategies. 
The Academic Success Center has designed Success Coaching to give students the edge in the classroom.  During a coaching session, students will meet with a staff member who will tailor the meeting to their specific academic needs, aspirations, and goals.  Students will receive guidance with one or more areas pertinent to academic success including, but not limited to the following:
Success Coaching Areas
Time Management

Time is a student's most precious resource in college.  Develop realistic study plans that will incorporate the variables often present in life.  Prioritization of obligations into smaller, less daunting tasks and concepts will be key to maximizing achievement.


Learn to plan ahead effectively.  Coaches will help students streamline and stregthen existing planning goals.

School - Life Balance

Keeping up with course studies and balancing other aspects of life can be a challenge.  Work with a success coach to evaluate and develop the best possible balance in life.

Study Strategies

Coaches will equip students with the necessary tools to study effectively.  These tools will be designed to fit each individuals style.  Students will be able to take these skills and apply them to any discipline.

Test Taking Strategies

Often times in college, mastery is shown through performance on exams.  With guidance, students will examine their test taking strategies and sharpen those skills to be as prepared as possible for any questions that come their way.

Motivation and Growth

Students will learn skills that will positively impact not only their college career, but their professional endeavors as well.  Finding the drive to dominate the field is vital to every student.  Coaches will empower students to find that motivation within.

Connect with Resources

Help is available for all students throughout their college journey.  Our coaches will guide students to the wonderful resources JWU has to offer to make their college life a success.


Schedule an Appointment with a Success Coach

Students (Self-referral)

Students are able to refer themselves for Academic Success Coaching.  To do so, students can schedule an appointment with a Success Coach through uSucceed.  Tutorials are available to guide students through this process.  Additionally, students can contact the Academic Success Center to schedule an appointment.

Staff Member (Academic Counselor) Referring a Student
 Staff Member (Acadmic Counselor) Referral for Student
Academic Counselor and other staff on campus may work with students on common academic skills such as time management, prioritizing, studying, etc.  There are times when a student may need additional strategies or support than some staff may be able to provide.  This is generally a good indicator this student may be an appropriate referral for Academic Success Coaching. To refer a student: 
  • Step 1: Staff member has assessed and identified a student is an appropriate referral for Success Coaching
  • Step 2: Staff member will discuss Academic Success Coaching with the student to gauge interest.
  • Step 3: Staff member will formally refer student to Academic Success Coaching by completing the Faculty and Staff Academic Success Coaching Referral Form.
Faculty Referring a Student
Faculty Member Referral for Student

Students spend a significant portion of their college experience in the classroom or lab with faculty.  This makes faculty a good referral source for students who may benefit from success coaching. Examples of items that may indicate a need for success coaching include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive class absences
  • Poor academic performance or high probability of course failure
  • Low engagement in the classroom
  • Repeated late assignment submission or not submitting work at all
Faculty are strongly encouraged to communicate with students to address these issues intially. If faculty identify that additional support and resources are necessary to assist the student, they should refer the student to Academic Success Coaching by:


Meet Our Success Coach

Floyd Coffey, MS
Title: Academic Success Coach, Grant Partnership Coordinator, & Summer Bridge Coordinator
Education: BS, Sports Management, Eastern Kentucky University; MS, Sports Administration, Eastern Kentucky University
Interests: Watching/Playing Sports, Hiking, Graphic Design
Very First Job: Lowe’s Home Improvement
Phone: 980-598-1213
For more information: Summer Bridge Program
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